Pearl Jam ‘Refuse’ 2020 Stadium Tour, Is It Canceled?


Pearl Jam are rumored to announce their spring 2020 North American tour in the next few days, with a fall U.S. tour to follow. Jdizzle8291 recapped rumors from the Ten Club board, including that the band will not tour U.S. stadiums in the spring like many had assumed.

“No Red Rocks or Gorge – p.19, No stadiums (in spring at least) – p.20, Going to have to drive from Montreal, but not crazy long – p.20, No Texas (Dallas/Houston/etc.) and/or Jazz Fest (tough to tell) – p.27, Nothing on 4/18 – p.27, No Atlanta – p.30, Not Dimi – Chicken & Waffles / Fish & Chips – p.33, A state next to Georgia (proving to be Nashville) – p.34, No Florida (hint above) – p.34, No deep dish pizza on the menu for spring – p.35, ‘Can we expect Memphis, Nashville, or Raleigh’ / Dimi: One yes (proving to be Nashville) – p.35

Dimi: Steeltown show sounds good idea / “Pittsburgh is a place I never visited” / Dimi: Sorry wrong country (proving to be Hamilton) – p.38, ‘Hamilton is Canada’s Steeltown, just sayin’ / Dimi: Thats hot..just sayin. – p.38, Political USA hint: Dimi: we start blue – p.43, No May shows – p.43, Possible states to start US tour: WA, CA, CO, MN, VA, VT, ME, RI, NJ, MD – p.46

No London, ON – p.53, 2nd North American leg after Europe – p.57, Nashville – p.57, Tour ends in blue state – p.57, St. Louis looks good for a show – p.63, User ‘104 years and counting’ posted ‘Jackie Robinson’ for Nashville (4/2) – p.66, Hitting all 4 time zones – p.68, A state gets multiple shows (proving to be CA) – p.68, Yes, there are Saturday shows – p.68

Playing 3 states with beaches – p.68, No Indiana or Kentucky – p.68, California shows – p.68, Residents of New England (MA/ME/NH/VT/RI/CT) will need to travel – p.70, No show at Giannis’s arena (Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee) – p.77, Tour has nothing to do with playoffs/arenas – p.77, No Detroit – p.79, Spring/Fall legs announced separately – p.79, Ryman out for SXM show – p.79

Toronto confirmation – p.84, Asked about Lone Star and/or Empire state, confirmed no Lone Star (Texas) – p.91, Canada starts after St. Patrick’s Day – p.91, Mile High City (Denver) thumbs up – p.92, Confirming no Canada show on 3/23 – p.93.”