Metallica Fan Reveals What James Hetfield Did In Hotel Room


Metallica frontman James Hetfield doing an interview in a hotel room was described by a writer as making a ‘beautiful baby together, and its name is Rock and Roll’ by doing an interview together. Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan mocked Metallica drama earlier this week.

simonhclash posted, “Heaviest of birthday wishes to @papa_het_, with whom I shared one beautiful hour in a Copenhagen hotel room in late-2017. We made a beautiful baby together, and its name is Rock And Roll. (Find our interview, titled ‘Heavy Is The Crown’, on now.) This rad pic is the collaborative work of artist @jessedraxler, and photographer @tbonefletcher, the latter of whom deserving a medal for enduring @rbpm_ and I on that Danish liaison.”

“It’s the dark side of life. It’s what [19th-century French poet Charles] Baudelaire wrote about in his poems. It’s what Edgar Allan Poe experienced and then wrote in his stories and poems.

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted was recently snubbed by a big name. Guitarist Kirk Hammet discussed the similarity between heavy metal and horror in a new CBC interview, “Heavy metal and horror, they’re really good at capturing dark emotions – the darker emotions that everyone experiences in life. A good heavy metal song has a lot of the same ingredients a good horror movie has – intensity, drama, a feeling of suspense, aggression, release of aggression, energy, adrenaline, a sense of relief, and then afterward, just total satisfaction: ‘Yeah, let’s do it again.'”

He also revealed the first film that frightened him, “Probably the very first one I saw, which was [1962’s] ‘The Day of the Triffids’. It was a British film, and I was five years old. It just felt like nothing else I had seen content-wise anywhere.

“I was raised on cartoons and Walt Disney films, and then all of a sudden, just randomly, I found this movie on television. The feeling I got from it was very unique and exciting, and I just wanted more.”