Metallica Icon Calls Out James Hetfield ‘Fraud’


On Twitter recently, original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney posted a throwback magazine cover of himself and James Hetfield circa 1980, but it turns out it’s a fraud created by Hetfield! This Metallica icon revealed a ‘wasted’ James Hetfield photo recently. He said, “1980. Fake Hit Parader magazine cover that James and I posted in front of. James told me that he still has his copy.”

The cover is from Hit Parader Magazine and one particular fan asked the former Metallica member if it was Hetfield that took the photo. To which McGovney responded: “No. We took the photo at a booth at Magic Mountain.” In other news revolving Metallica, fans of the group discussed if their favorite band is becoming too mainstream in a recent topic within the Metallica subreddit. This Metallica icon revealed if James Hetfield is ‘finished’ the other day.

Reddit user Tally4eva started things off by asking: “So today I see they’ve launched a line of socks. Last week it was a collaboration with Billabong. New watches just came out, along with those released last year. I can sort of understand the Blackened whiskey and Enter Night beer, but are these boys taking it too far? It surely can’t be a need for money so I don’t get the need to put the Metallica logo on everything! Pretty soon we’ll be wiping our ass with Metallica toilet paper and having Metallica corn flakes for breakfast. Just my two cents, but I think we’d all prefer new music over new products.”

Spiderzest answered: “It’s a little different with Metallica compared to other artists. It’s literally in the Library of Congress. Metallica never went mainstream, the mainstream came to Metallica. Metallica hasn’t been 4 guys playing music for a very long time. It’s a board of directors taking the Metallica name in the next direction. Sometimes that includes music that is raw and authentic when they choose to go in that direction. You can’t sell out, if you actually become the market itself.”

Konggen declared: “I don’t think they are doing it all by themselves, people are doing this on their own or Metallica hire people to do certain merchandise, then show the prototypes to Metallica and Metallica then sign off on it or not. And get a percentage of the earnings.
It certainly won’t take time from them making music or touring.”