Ringo Starr Makes Sad Paul McCartney Bathroom Claim


The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr recently was interviewed by NPR in promotion of ‘Another Day In The Life’, his newest book. Here, Starr discusses with reporter Rachel Martin how The Beatles hid away in the bathroom of New York’s Plaza Hotel during the first tour the band had in the United States. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. Ringo Starr recently revealed this disturbing John Lennon murder secret.

Martin: In addition to playing drums, Ringo [Starr] likes taking photos and making art. Ringo likes to put out these coffee table books for charity and they feel a little bit like scrapbooks with funny notes in the margins. Where did all these photos come from? I’m imagining a lot of shoeboxes stuck away in Ringo Starr’s closet?

Ringo: If I’m in them, I just lift them off the internet and for others, I do when I’m hanging out.

Martin: There is all sorts of weird stuff in here like some recent snapshots out of one of the room windows in New York’s Plaza hotel. There are a couple of limos, a horse and carriage but none of the hysterical crowds that met The Beatles when they stayed there on their first U.S. tour. Tell me of the significance of these. Ringo Starr recently made a painful Yoko Ono remark.

Ringo: You know, I was there in the room and memories come flooding back. I go to the window and I felt like I was in the same room that we were in during the Sixties. Then, where I took that square that’s below the Plaza it was full of people. So this was a very incredible moment in my life. The bad side, however, was there were a lot of people and everybody sort of wanted something and we all ended up in one of the bathrooms. We had all these suites and we ended up in a bathroom just to have a break from the pressure, just to have a break. Ringo Starr revealed a few days ago why he quit The Beatles before they split and if he was replaced.

Martin: It’s so interesting to note, just look at these photos that they just look like shots that anyone would take, shots that a tourist would take or anyone passing by.

Ringo: Well in that moment in 2014 I was a tourist – I was on tour!