U2 Singer Bono Spends Ridiculous Money On Car


U2 frontman Bono can be shown off showcasing his latest new holiday wheels as one certain Elon Musk fan Twitter took to social media recently to post this photo recently of Bono with his newest Tesla Model S. You can view it below. U2 member ‘threatened’ at party, was Bono wasted?

In other news regarding U2 and Bono, fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of one of the group’s most classic albums – Achtung Baby. Bono ‘begging’ for prayers was just revealed.

One fan said: “I have been a fan of U2 since the “Joshua Tree” days, but even though I do have most of U2’s standard albums, I do not have the b-sides and remixes, except those that came with the single “One”. So to me, Disc 2 of this set is like a brand new album, and what an album it is! It is very diverse musically, and it shows how far U2 was willing to go in 1990-1991 in order to search their souls and to experiment, for the purpose of making their next album as excellent as possible. The effect of Disc 2 is that it makes me feel that I have been transported back to 1991 to discover a U2 album that I never knew existed. I was leery of forking over more than $20 for another copy of “Achtung Baby”, a superb album but one which I already possessed on vinyl, cassette and CD. But one listen to Disc 2 told me that my money was well spent. I don’t dislike any of the tracks, and I actually prefer a couple of the remixes to the tracks found on the original album.”

Bono was recently ‘heckled’ by U2 fans for an angry remark. The fan finished up by saying: “To address the other issues, the sound is great, and I have no problem with the packaging. I’m just happy to have this music. All in all, I am very pleased with the set.”