Metallica Member Reveals If James Hetfield Left Rehab


On Twitter recently former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney answered a superfan who wanted to see if the one-time Metallica member had a status in regards to James Hetfield’s health. Hetfield entered rehab for addiction treatment back in October. McGovney offered these words to the fan as a stunning answer for all of the world to read, Sorry. I do not.”

However, in other news revolving, James Hetfield and Metallica, a fan of the thrash-metal legends recently took to social media via the band’s subreddit to post this interesting theory about the group and their first three albums. Metallica were spotted at bar in this photo, is James Hetfield sober?

The fan wrote: “This is a story revolving around Metallica’s first three albums. I don’t know if this was on purpose or an accident but there is a story with the first three albums.

Here’s the story: So a person (Never mentioned or disclosed) has gone mad almost savage and starts killing (Hence the name kill em all and what the cover is) the said person is then is put on trial and sentenced to death on the electric chair (Hence the name ride the lightning and the cover) the person is then buried where we go into Master Of Puppets (Look at the cover) I was gonna throw and justice for all in there but I can’t see how it connected to the story and all the other albums Metallica has made.” Dave Mustaine recently unloaded on Metallica disrespect at concert. Dave Mustaine recently unloaded on Metallica disrespect at concert.