Metallica Spotted At Bar In Photo, Is James Hetfield Sober?


Metallica member Kirk Hammett was no doubt looking for some whiskey in the jar as he hit up a local bar in Los Angeles on the way before Slayer’s final show, while James Hetfield is sober and focusing on his health in rehab. Well, perhaps, in this case, it was jager in the jar as you can see from this picture that was posted on Hammett’s official Instagram page. Dave Mustaine recently unloaded on Metallica disrespect at concert.

Hammett can be seen right next to this giant ice sculpture that honors his thrash metal compadres as the sculpture itself has ‘Slayer’ carved out in giant letters. You can view it below. In addition, a fan also posted a picture posing with Hammett – that also can be viewed below.

Jason Newsted looks ‘miserable’ with Metallica in this new photo. In other news regarding Metallica fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of Metallica iconic self-titled album.

One fan wrote: “In my youth I had heard whispers of “Metallica” but was too busy contemplating humanity and my inexplicable lack of chest hair to pay attention. After a long day of complaining about the lack of local recycling options, I came to Amazon to buy “Metal Can Bin” but this CD showed up in the results. It was fate. When it arrived, I put it on in my Prius and started driving to my favorite vegan burrito & poetry club, thinking it was just another day. The next thing I know, I’m at a butcher shop buying a three-pound bone-in ribeye. After grilling it on an [illegal] open fire in a state park, I ripped the sleeves off my organic cotton shirt and dug in, with “The Unforgiven” blasting out of the car. Oh, the car.”

Metallica was called out the other day for James Hetfield relapse in photo. The fan continued: “With Metallica in my heart and cow blood dripping down my chin, I saw that piece of ultra-efficient engineering in a whole new light. A terrible light. I immediately drove to my nearest Ford dealer and traded it for an F150 Raptor. After burning some sick donuts in the Whole Foods parking lot, I set off across the country on a quest to find anything that rocks harder than Metallica. So far nothing has come close.”