Dave Mustaine Unloads On Metallica Disrespect At Concert


On Twitter recently former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney discussed his last gig as a member of the group which also featured Dave Mustaine. The event took place on November 30th, 1982 at San Francisco’s Mabuhay Gardens. McGovney explained as well how things went long and he was about to get into a fight with the owner of the establishment due to the power being cut off at the venue. Metallica recently leaked this heartbreaking ‘last’ Dave Mustaine photo.

McGovney wrote on twitter: “They cut the power off on us for playing too long. Dave and I were about ready to fight the guy running the show.”

In other news regarding Dave Mustaine and Dave Mustaine era Metallica, fans took to social media to celebrate the legacy of one of the band’s most classic releases – ‘Ride the Lightning.’ A Metallica icon ‘turns down’ this Dave Mustaine reunion.

One fan reviewed: ” This is an excellent sophomore release from Metallica. Metallica makes a huge jump in songwriting, and song structure with Ride the Lightning. First, Metallica is impressive in how we see them start writing ballads, for the first time. Fade to Black is very intricate, and slow with how the song starts, as is Fight Fire With Fire, and Call of Ktulu. Metallica definitely shows it’s softer side with these tracks, and their ability to be much more intricate. However, it’s clear to see how Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) has also heavily influenced this CD, as well. This was the last CD Mustaine had any writing credits for.”

The reviewer continued: “Metallica also is impressive about how they start to tackle other subjects besides death, and destruction, such as war, the death penalty, and suicide. Metallica lastly, begins to show us their signature style of writing very long songs. Call of Ktulu is like 9 minutes long, and amazing, from start to finish. If you are a Metallica fan and want to see a young, hungry, talented thrash band really flex their huge muscles, then Ride the Lightning is a must-have.” A Metallica icon chugged beer with Dave Mustaine in a newly unearthed photo.