Metallica Reveal If Jason Newsted Sucks As Singer


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich praised Jason Newsted’s talent as a singer in a new Instagram post.

“Looking forward to rolling back to Kentucky tomorrow. it’s been 15 years. Too long!!

Made me think of when we played at the Kentucky Speedway in 2000 on the first Summer Sanitarium Tour and James had thrown his back out a coupla days before and unfortunately couldn’t perform.

Our buddies in @korn, @kidrock and @systemofadown were super gracious and helped out on various vocal and guitar parts, and Jason stepped up big time in the vocal department. Check out the snaps from that night and the setlist with the guests.

We then came back a month later and played a coupla make-up shows in Lexington for free to any one who had been at the Kentucky Speedway show in Sparta earlier.

Those were crazy fucking days!!”

Ulrich also recently posted on Instagram, “If you live in the greater Chicagoland area, come join me this Sunday at #TheaterOnTheLake for a unique event called Authors on the Lake led by @TheLakefrontRest executive chef @cleettweet. I will sit with our #EnterNightPilsner partner @stonegreg for a conversation about beer, music, creativity and everything related. If you’ll be in the area on Sunday, leave a comment – I have five pairs of tickets that I would love to share with some of you. Tickets are also available at See ya this Sunday for a night of fun & games. #wanna.”