Van Halen Icon Mocks Michael Anthony Weight Gain


Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony recently announced the birth of his granddaughter by pulling up his shirt in a new Instagram photo. He wrote, “Couldn’t be more excited, next Tues morning we will welcome our new granddaughter Billie Lynn into our family!!! #familylove #C-Sectiontuesday #anothergranddaughter #missingyouRex.” A Van Halen icon recently called out a lie about a remark he made about David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar joked in a comment, “Oh Lord Mikey That’s not fair comparing your gut to that wonderful sweet daughter of yours who is about to pop any minute! 😂 just joking that is beautiful thing congratulations to Alicia & billy❤️”

byronburdine commented, “Congratulations JD7 and beautiful daughter, that will be one talented grandbaby if I know you Mike. The baby will be playing guitar at 5 and amazing the world at 10. Looking forward to it.”

leejdwyer commented, “It looks like you’re comparing bellies brother!” bgilzean chimed in, “What’s the dude in background doing? Sneaking a hit? 😄” aero4ce01 said, “Hey Anthony…. your almost in as good of shape as me for our age…..💪💪💪💪💪 you rock.”

monsoongolf wrote, “You know what Mikey, I don’t care what Sammy says this is Bitchin cool and you only live once on this earth grandkids are everything I love you buddy.” wonka64 commented, “Ya but you one of you is sucking your gut in…!” Eddie Van Halen’s wife recently reacted to a claim about why he isn’t touring.