Corey Taylor Accidentally Leaks New Slipknot Member Name


Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor discussed a wide variety of topics including playing with various injuries and how his admiration and respect for the fans is a motivator as a performer in a new Rock Feed interview. Here, Taylor discusses the origin and identity of the new Slipknot member Tortilla Man. Alternative Nation transcribed Taylor’s comments. Taylor recently revealed his weight gain to Slipknot fans

Taylor: I’ve done shows with pneumonia before, I’ve done shows with a one-hundred and ten fever. Obviously, I’ve [also] done fifteen years with a broken neck that I didn’t know about so it’s stupid and none of it matters. The only thing that matters is the lasting impact of that audience. It’s there and it’s my respect for them that makes me go as hard as I do.

Taylor and Rock Feed then moved on to discussing the new Slipknot member. Slipknot have been in the news with the release of their new album, and Simon Cowell took a brutal shot at Slipknot yesterday.

Rock Feed: Yep. So you mentioned some of the younger guys in this band – let’s talk about the very anonymous and mysterious tortilla.

Taylor: Tortilla Guy! Tortilla G! T-G-I Friday!


Rock Feed: What do people think, in the band, about the name Tortilla Guy, Tortilla Man, whatever it is?

Taylor: Oh they think it’s fucking brilliant, that’s not going anywhere alright? It’s so good. Because, and I’m not even gonna talk about it, just about the effect that he’s had on this band man is fucking night and day. It’s so good and you can see it on stage.

Rock Feed: You can clearly see it.

Taylor: You can feel it, you can feel it in everything we fucking do. It’s a joy to come to work again, let’s put it that way. So it’s really good man.

Rock Feed: I gotta tell ya, Dave Grohl is doing a great job.

Taylor: I’ll tell you what. Say what you want about Tito Puente behind there playing his little ass off but for his age..

[Taylor catches himself]

Taylor: Oh shit, I shouldn’t have said that.

Rock Feed: Oh no!

Taylor: Tito Puente’s our [guy]

Rock Feed: That’s who it is, it’s been revealed!

Taylor: There you go.

Taylor is likely lying to attempt to fool fans, but there you have it! He gave a name. A new Slipknot member lie was called out by a girlfriend last week.