Motley Crue Accused Of Fraud On Goodbye Tour


Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy recently lambasted Motley Crue over their account of Hanoi drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley’s death and Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s heroin overdose, as published in the best-selling band autobiography, “The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band” and “The Dirt” biopic.

Andy McCoy takes a shot at Nikki Sixx

McCoy recently discussed Crue’s relationship with Hanoi Rocks during a new appearance on the “Waste Some Time With Jason Green” video podcast. Speaking about Crue’s current North American shows as part of “The Stadium Tour”, McCoy said: “Yeah, their 25th goodbye tour or something. [Laughs] F***ing ripoffs.”

When host Jason Green noted that he likes the fact that Andy is “so open” about his feelings about the Crue, McCoy said: “I speak the truth, mate. I don’t lie, like Nikki Sixx, through my f***ing teeth.”

McCoy was then asked about Crue’s decision to title their box set “Music To Crash Your Car To”, a move that Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe had previously called “beyond disrespectful”. “I thought, and Michael Monroe thought, [that] was the tackiest title, thinking about what had happened… That was in real tacky, bad taste,” Andy said. “If you’re European like me, it’s something you don’t do. You respect other people. You just don’t wanna make a buck for yourself. You respect other people.”

Crue vocalist Vince Neil’s drunk-driving deadly car crash had grabbed some headlines. It happened when he smashed his car into another vehicle in Redondo Beach, California, killing Razzle and seriously injuring two other occupants.

Referencing the two people who sustained lifelong injuries in the accident, Andy said: “People forget about those two. I remember. I never forget. People tend to forget about them. And that was horrible. It was just plainly wrong. Fifty yards to the liquor store. I thought they’d walk. But no, this motherfucker — I don’t care to mention his name; you know who he is — had to show off his second-hand fucking ugly Pantera, which ain’t even a nice car to me.”

Andy also brought up another one of Sixx’s stories — of supposedly getting pummeled with a baseball bat on the floor of a London dealer’s flat after another overdose.

“He’s lying,” McCoy said. “I used to play baseball as a kid. If I beat someone up with a baseball bat who’s unconscious, you think he’d live? Hell no. Hell no, bro. He was not beaten. He was slapped around to be woken, because he overdosed. And I told him, ‘Be careful. This is strong shit.’ I warned him. And he wanted to be tough. And that’s the kind of stuff you don’t wanna be tough with.”