Tool Reveal That They Have Shocking Amount Of New Songs


A fan on the Tool Reddit named D1g1talS0ul posted a recap of a recent meet and greet/Q&A with guitarist Adam Jones at a Tool show.  Ironically enough, Jones revealed that the band actually do have two albums of music worth of new material (following the bogus rumors of a double album release), but it turns out that fans unfortunately won’t hear most of them.

“I learned a lot of insight about the band from the Q&A with Adam. There was 150 of us in a room with him and it felt very personable. He played for us, talked about he and Justin play off each other to create a 5/7 rhythm. Played a riff that’ll be on the new album. Said they had enough music for two albums but only 5 meet their (tools) standard right now. Adam, Justin and Danny are in the studio 1PM-4PMish I think he said Tuesday-Thursday. Once 90% of the instrumentals are there Maynard comes into write (that’s how Maynard likes to work).


12:30 stand in line outside for an hour
1:30 get VIP goodies bag stand inside arena also they take your cellphone
2:00 get in conference room with drinks/snacks Adam comes in
4:00 session with Adams ends, now you get early access to merchandise
5:00 sound check and group photo
5:30 back to conference room for VIP poster and get your cell phone, also had props from their music videos. At this point we could leave and return to the show at 7

We were told the VIP experience changes from venue to venue. We didn’t know if we’d get to see sound check until 4.

There’s a lot of waiting but the time goes fast. At our venue those that got there first, got the best seats. VIPs had the first 3 rows.”

Tool drummer Danny Carey is suffering from a staph infection, according to Adam Jones on Instagram.

“I truly have to respect Mr #DannyCarey who played the entire show with a very serious Staph Infection.

At first on Friday morning he was misdiagnosed with a poisonous spider bite on his upper leg.

Then later Friday night the quarter sized wound was cut opened & drained. By Saturday DC was still aching from head to toe & from what I heard the Local Doctor recommended we skip the show. But Dan with headaches & painful joints played anyway…”