Motley Crue Break Silence On Chris Cornell Drama


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee praised Chris Cornell, Soundgarden, and the Grunge movement in a new Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe, claiming that the drama of Grunge making bands like Motley Crue lose popularity isn’t true, as he loves Grunge.

“I welcomed that with the biggest open arms on the planet. I was, like, ‘Yes. Somebody’s fucking stirring it up.’ Thank you. Because if I hear another fucking song that sounds like… I don’t know. There was so many bands that were sounding like — everything was just sounding the same.

And I love it when someone throws a fucking grenade into the mix and goes, ‘Nope. We’re going this way.’ And dude, I love that. And then Soundgarden. And then it just kept going. I loved it.”

Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily recently uploaded a new ‘Mind Wide Open’ podcast episode on her Instagram page. Lily raises awareness for mental health issues on the podcast, following losing her father Chris to suicide in May 2017.

The episode description states, “Episode 18 – Mason Spector. @masonspec, co-founder of @madhappy, and I talk about how family of origin impacts our relationship with mental health, unhealthy vs. healthier coping mechanisms, and the creation of @madhappy. For more information on guests, future episodes, and resources go to the website link in my bio 💙

Content warning: addiction, suicide.”