Motley Crue Icon Actor Disrespect At Hotel Revealed


Tommy Lee…Jones? That wasn’t what the infamous Motley Crue bad boy was expecting when he got a birthday card from one of the most recent hotels that he and his wife, Brittany Furlan Lee were staying at. This Motley Crue icon called Tommy Lee a ‘Madman’ recently. This unnamed hotel, sent the infamous rocker a birthday card to his hotel room and the results are downright comical as the card said:

“Dear Mr. Jones”

This Motley Crue member [was it Tommy Lee] revealed a crazy Vince Neil alcohol photo. This hotel confused the former Mr. Pamela Anderson with former Acadamy Award-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones. However, we think it’s pretty hard to confuse Dr. Feelgood himself with the man that played Dr. Micah Franks in the 2016 action thriller, Criminal. Tommy Lee [not Jones] took to social media via Instagram to post their reaction to the botched birthday letter. You can view it below. Tommy Lee was caught yelling at his wife in a hilarious video the other day.

Tommy Lee: “I just opened my fucking birthday card, from the hotel, I’m not gonna say which hotel but it says:

“Dear. Mr. Jones.”

Tommy Lee: Tommy. Lee. Jones.

Brittany Furlan Lee: “They thought you were Tommy Lee Jones Oh my God!?!”

Tommy Lee: I’m not even gonna read the rest. That’s some fucked up shit.

[the camera pans to the letter which clearly shows the birthday letter saying: “Dear Mr. Jones]

Brittany: “Dear Mr. Jones…

Tommy Lee [Jones]: Get out of here!