Motley Crue Icon Caught ‘Ranting’ At Gym In Video


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has uploaded a new gym video where he is jogging on a treadmill, and he uses his middle finger to show his anger, and he wrote, “I hate you I love you.” Vince Neil ‘gaining muscle’ for the Motley Crue tour was just revealed in a photo.

TheWarlockk posted on Reddit about the upcoming stadium tour with Def Leppard, “Anyone know what it’s like at ground level for one of these stadium shows? I’m weighing where to get tickets and kinda want to be in the pit rather than sitting down. How is it down at the ground level? Kinda want an area where I can rage lol but I’ve never been to a big stadium show so I’m wondering what the deal is.”

AJSPAZZ responded, “Horrible. Don’t waste your time. Unless you’re super close you won’t see anything, and even when you’re up close you’ll only see a bit of the stage. Most likely you won’t even be able to see Tommy. The stages are much higher than at a regular show. Your best bet is getting one level up.”

TheWarlockk shot back, “Bless your soul.” RockguitarPF said, “All I’ll say is, don’t expect standing room only on the ground level.”

TheWarlockk asked, “What you mean?” RockguitarPF wrote, “There’ll be chairs on the ground level, there isn’t gunna be a pit. If you choose ground level you’ll be assigned a seat and you’ll be expected to sit in it, or get thrown out. TheWarlockk shot back, “😡 appreciate your help.”

RockguitarPF apologized, “Sorry if I sounded harsh or like a jerk, but the reality is more than half the people attending these shows are people who were in high school 30 years ago, they’re in no shape to mosh. I really do wish it could be as awesome as you’d like it to be, I hope you have a great time anyway.”

TheWarlockk concluded, “All good and yeah I figured. That’s the answer I was looking for. Oh well. Still gonna go.” A Motley Crue girlfriend recently revealed if Vince Neil is overweight.