Tool Member Makes ‘Last Concert’ Announcement


Tool have announced drummer Danny Carey’s last show before kicking off the band’s January 2020 tour on their website. A Tool fan getting good news after she was ‘rejected’ by the band was just revealed.

Tool’s website announced, “Catch Danny with THE JAMIE KIME band at the BAKED POTATO jazz club in Studio City on MONDAY, JANUARY 6. All ages welcome!”

His last 2019 performance was also previously announced, “A friendly reminder… or nudge that DANNY will be performing with THE WEBB ALL STARS at the BAKED POTATO jazz club on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29. Tickets still available for the 11:30 show. All ages welcome!”

Tool also have confirmed that they will be headlining Bonnaroo in June. Fire9x posted on Reddit about fans critical of the decision, “People who shit talk Roo have their heads way too deep into the metal circle jerk or don’t know Roo.

Tool is a true psychedelic experience that absolutely deserves the top billing spot they’ve earned on this set, but there’s so many other trippy experiences (Tipper, Glass Animals, Uncle Acid) that will flow in and out of the headlining Tool set in order to create a sensory experience the likes of which you wont get at a festival where everything is hard rock or metal.

And even if you’re not into drugs at festivals, there’s something for you there too. The lineup is so stacked with eclectic and talented musicians from all genres that I guarantee you can catch something new that you’ll love during every set you think isn’t worth seeing.

Bonnaroo truly is tailored to having whatever experience you want, and TOOL being the headliner on the most stacked night of the festival means they will build the schedule in such a way that you will definitely be able to see artists you want to see leading in and out of their set.” Maynard James Keenan was recently photographed in a ridiculous car.