Motley Crue Icon Caught Smoking Awful Drug


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has confirmed that he smokes the drug marijuana. Classic Rock Magazine asked Lee in a new interview if he still uses drugs, and he responded that he still does smoke weed. A big name singer accused a Motley Crue member of dying yesterday.

“F**k, I like to smoke weed. But the right kind of weed – the sativa rather than the indica. Because I don’t like smoking weed and then walking into a room and wondering what the fuck I’m doing in there, like you’re just too stoned. I like being in control, and some of the weed these days is so strong, man. It’ll lay you out. I don’t like that.”

He also discussed a bad phobia he has, ““Bad music! And I’m not a fan of spiders and snakes. Those things freak me out. I mean the bigger snakes and the tarantulas. People have them crawling on their bodies, and I’m just… I’m pretty crazy and down with anything, but for some reason I just can’t do that!”

A rumored Motley Crue reunion performance was detailed a few days ago. Lee’s wife Brittany Furlan has announced a new episode of her ‘Worst Firsts’ podcasts with an actor from The CW series Riverdale. She wrote, “This is my friend @robraco. He went from vomit kissing girls, to starring on Riverdale to now being a top model for @fendi. See, dreams do come true people. Check out his episode of Worst Firsts! (LINK IN BIO).”

She also said, “IT’S PODCAST DAY! Anyone else pee a little when they laugh? Well if you do then you should prob get that checked out before you listen to this episode of @Worst_Firsts with extremely hilarious comedian, and dear friend of mine @IanEdwardsComic.”

You can read the full interview at Louder Sound.