Rush Singer Makes Disgusting Eric Clapton Revelation


Rush singer Geddy Lee recently revealed that he sadly ripped off Eric Clapton’s Fender, a brave admission to make! Geddy Lee revealed that he ‘slept with’ an iconic Rush figure recently.

Lee told NPR’s World Cafe, “It was a Canora bass, a Japanese-made bass, which I guess is sort of a knock-off of the early Fenders. And my friend Alex Lifeson, who ended up spending his whole life with me, he also had a Canora bass.

And in a fit of madness, we tried to imitate the instruments were owned by Jack Bruce of Cream and Eric Clapton, they had their instruments painted by these famous pop artists, and they were really cool and very psychedelic, so we tried imitating those two instruments, we painted them ourselves, actually.”

Geddy Lee made a tragic The Who revelation recently. SantNick posted on about a possible Rush Christmas release, “Might be a bit early to talk and/or speculate, but do y’all think we may get a box set of new audio/video for Christmas time this year.!? I’m certainly hoping for the next two years of Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures/ EXIT…STAGE LEFT.”

ozzy85 responded, “Probably. Those are stellar albums. I don’t see why they wouldn’t get the same treatment. Wonder if that will be the case with the synth era albums.”

SaintNick told another fan, “Hi Earl, I WANT RUSH. I’m really hoping that all the footage for EXIT…STAGE LEFT, GRACE UNDER PRESSURE & A SHOW OF HANDS to be released…someday!” Geddy Lee revealed a few days ago who forced a bandmate to quit.