Motley Crue Make Terrible Mick Mars Revelation


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil revealed that he does not speak to or see bandmate Mick Mars, as he always ‘puts himself in his basement.’ Nikki Sixx recently frightened fans with a loaded gun photo. Neil made the comments during a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp Q&A with Miles Schuman.

“We text a lot. Me and Nikki [Sixx, bass] go back and forth.”

“[We don’t text about] much. Just like, ‘Hey, bud. What’s happening?’ That’s kind of it. I don’t really talk with Mick [Mars, guitar] much. But the other guys, yeah, we still keep in touch.”

He added that despite Mick Mars actually being somewhat of a neighbor, he sadly never sees or speaks to him.

“It’s funny. I have a home not too far from him, outside of Nashville, and I’ve never seen him. Mick is Mick. Like in [‘The Dirt’] movie, [he] just keeps to himself, puts himself in his basement and plays guitar. That’s Mick.”

Neil’s 90’s Motley Crue replacement singer John Corabi recently told LA Weekly about The Dirt film, “I don’t know if there will be a boost per say for me, but I understand it’s been quite a big boost for Motley. Personally, I just want to be my own guy and enjoy life and I’ve accepted the fact that Motley is Vince, Nikki [Sixx, bass], Tommy [Lee, drums] and Mick [Mars]. So I expect nothing from that camp at all. I was actually surprised I was even mentioned in the movie at all. I didn’t expect it. I am a bit disappointed that they couldn’t lock down Morgan Freeman to play me though,” he laughed.