Jason Newsted Rejecting Metallica Money Demand Leaks


Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted’s stingy money-spending habits have resurfaced via the MetalSludge forums. Metallica Singer James Hetfield ‘Getting Out’ Of Rehab Leaks. User TenBenny remarked, citing the old documentary A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica: “Jason was always the most sensible member of Metallica.

Kirk: ‘Jason’s making sandwiches to take back to the hotel, ’cause he’s too cheap to order room service.’

Jason: ‘I got plans for those millions and it ain’t for f**kin’ sandwiches!’

James Hetfield’s anger at Jason Newsted for quitting Metallica leaks. In other news, the tenth anniversary of the classic Activision video game, Guitar Hero: Metallica, recently passed by. Often cited as one of the greatest installments of the Guitar Hero franchise, Metallica featured songs from throughout the band’s storied discography, from Ride the Lightning to 2008’s criminally underrated Death Magnetic. Alice in Chains are represented on the soundtrack with “No Excuses”, one of the lighter songs in the game’s catalog.

The Guitar Hero franchise died a slow death due to market saturation, releasing as many as 6 games in a span of two years following the release of 2008’s Guitar Hero World Tour, which featured our beautiful, beloved Billy Corgan as a playable character, in all of his beautiful, bald glory.

However, many reviewers concur that Guitar Hero: Metallica was the best of this Guitar Hero wave, earning an 85.4% review aggregriate score on GameRankings. Simon Parkin of Eurogamer stated that Guitar Hero: Metallica “set the benchmark” for future band-specific games from either Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Metallica Reveal Creepy James Hetfield 2020 Photo. 

Another reason why Metallica is the greatest heavy metal band of all time!