Motley Crue Member Drops Johnny Depp Bombshell


Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx is promoting a new song featuring Johnny Depp, as seen below.

John Corabi’s band The Scream ended up releasing the only album, “Let It Scream.” The time when the band emerged, grunge had started growing. And it was also the time for famous bands to part ways with some of their classic members, bringing in lesser-known musicians in there. And that was also the case with The Scream’s John Corabi who ended up joining Mötley Crüe.

John Corabi talks about joining Motley Crue

In a new interview conducted by Andrew Daly, Corabi looks back on his career and the various projects he was involved in. He revealed how Motley Crue ruined The Scream:

“Well, it was a tough time for rock music because trends were shifting and such. I don’t know; I guess the label did what it could. We were on MTV, and we had a lot of radio support. Honestly, I could sit here all day long and try and say grunge fucked us, or the label didn’t support us, but the thing that stopped us in our tracks was me getting the phone call from Mötley. Who knows? Maybe if The Scream stayed together, we would have gone on to sell a million records. I have no idea.

“Because, at that point, I think ‘Let It Scream’ had sold a couple hundred thousand records. And you gotta remember that we didn’t get to tour much either. We did a tour with Bullet Boys, and another tun with Dangerous Toys, and that was it. We were supposed to go back to Europe and do an entire European tour, and then we were gonna go to Australia, Japan, and all these places, but then I got the phone call. So, would we have sold more? I don’t know. I know we were making some noise, but Mötley called, and everything just stopped.”