Motley Crue Offered 2020 Tour With Big Name Singer


Motley Crue are set to tour with Def Leppard and Poison at North American stadiums in 2020, but there have been rumors that a fourth act will be on the bill on tour, and an Alice Cooper band member has offered his services. Motley Crue were reportedly threatened with a ‘final tour’ lawsuit a few days ago.

Monsters of Rock tweeted, “‘Hypothetically’ … if we were going to add a fourth band to this 2020 bill, who would get YOUR vote?” Alice Cooper guitarist Nitra Strauss responded, “@alicecooper.”

Mitch Lafon said there has been talk of a fourth band on the bill on his ‘Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon’ podcast.

“And there is a rumored fourth band on the understanding that it’s going to be a different opener or different fourth band. You know, none of this has been announced officially but I’m sort of hearing and perhaps wrongly that it might be one band for three or four shows, another band for three. Who knows? We will see if it gets announced. Now, it’s all speculation so if you’re out there in internet land quoting me, make sure that you write that it’s speculation.”

Howard Stern took a brutal shot at the Motley Crue reunion tour last week. Bobby Blotzer also gave his take on the Motley Crue reunion tour, “Mötley getting together does zero for me. I couldn’t care less personally. But you know, bands get back together after breaking up, I mean, if it makes them happy — awesome. If the fans are happy, that’s what’s going to make them happy. You know, I understand it. But it’s a very exciting tour. I don’t know who’s headlining. I’m sure that Poison is going on first. I don’t know if they’re flip flopping with Leppard or what’s going on first but you know, good news for ’80s genre of metal and hard rock. I love it!” Sleaze Rock transcribed Lafon and Blotzer’s comments.