Van Halen Icon Reveals Tragic Michael Anthony News


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar has reacted to Michael Anthony discussing a tribute to his deceased grandson Rex Michael. A Guns N’ Roses icon called out Eddie Van Halen disrespect yesterday.

Anthony first posted, “Congrats to my son in law Billy who literally just finished an Ironman Triathlon in Tempe, Az!!! Swim, run, and bike riding a total of 140.6 miles in honor of his son and our grandson Rex Michael. We’re all so proud of you!! #ironman #lovemyfamily #soproudofyou #timetosleep #missingyourex #imdeadafterwatchingyou!!! #happyanniversary.” Sammy Hagar commented, “Right on Billy.”

Michael Anthony was recently called a ‘liar’ by a Van Halen bandmate. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital recently posted about St. Jude patient Slater, and his brother, Sawyer, recently meeting Sammy Hagar at one of his concerts. Slater had met Hagar once before – though it was via a telephone call. This time, they met face-to-face. “It was such an amazing experience for the boys,” said their mom. “They were so excited to meet Sammy, especially since he’s a St. Jude supporter.”

Hagar said, “There’s no words to explain the pure love and joy this family brought backstage. It filled the whole room. What an honor it was to experience that. I believe in miracles.”

Sammy Hagar recently said at a Grammy Museum event in Los Angeles, “I grew up poor, and without going into too many details, if it wasn’t for food banks… my mother, for Christmas and Thanksgiving, I had a single mom [who] raised four kids, and I was the youngest of four kids — she’d go get a turkey or a ham from the unions from the steel mill in the town. They’d give food away, and it was so great for the whole family.

It was like, ‘Wow. We’re going to really have a great meal tonight.’ It wasn’t like we were starving, but we were definitely poor. I just remember the joy we would get from free food. Us kids would go, ‘Whoa, look at this!’ I just want to feed people. I think the basic thing you can do is feed people. I [donate] to a food bank in every city I go for 10 years now — every city I play, I write a check to the food bank.” A Van Halen icon recently confirmed a 2020 tour with Michael Anthony.