Motley Crue Reveal How Vince Neil Lost ‘Millions Of Dollars’


Motley Crue manager Allen Kovac recently revealed to Forbes how many millions of dollars Vince Neil and his bandmate lost to gain full ownership of their catalog in 1998, as they negotiated their way out of a big money deal with Elektra Records. Vince Neil just announced a tour cancelation.

Kovac says the band “gave up $10 million of $12 million they were owed to buy them.” Fortunately, Motley Crue later made millions by re-releasing their albums through their own Motley Records, so the major short term loss led to huge long term gains.

“If they own that music, it doesn’t need to be current hits,” Kovac says. “It needs to be the soundtrack to their fans’ lives. So they were making more money in a year than they were making in two years by getting their masters.”

Nikki Sixx unloaded in terrible Motley Crue reunion tour ticket prices a few days ago. Motley Crue fans from Europe recently discussed the best way to travel to the United States for the stadium tour with Def Leppard. JCWosrs posted, “4 brothers flying from England to the USA to watch Motley Crue. Flights alone are £400-500 each so where is best to watch?

Looking online I’m thinking the first 30 rows will set us back £350 each but has anyone any suggestions? Any venues you know of with cheaper decent seats? Not looking forward to paying £5000 for my brothers and myself to see a band 3000 miles away. As much as I love Motley Crue, I need it cheaper haha.”

Tomarra0 responded, “New York is probably your best bet price wise, but it’s not in the best section as far as other things to do. If you wanna sacrifice price and seating a bit for a more party type atmosphere and a million pubs to walk into, I’d definitely hit the Boston show.”

JWosrs shot back, “Cheers for that dude, il have a look at boston, their for the show but definitely want to be able to go other places as-well.”

You can read Kovac’s full interview at Forbes.