Nikki Sixx Unloads On Terrible Motley Crue Ticket Prices


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx unloaded on horrible scalper ticket prices for the band’s reunion tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett. Vince Neil revealed in a photo a few days ago how he is ‘gaining muscle’ for the Motley Crue tour.

Sixx tweeted, “We hate scalpers toö!!!” Christina responded, “I wish ticket sales would be in person only for the 1st day or 2! It’s crazy that resale sites are legal! Miss the good ol days of waiting in line for tix, I’m glad I was able to get mine immediately for face value..”

Matt said, “Face value plus a 30% fee from Ticketmaster Live Nation or whoever but that’s just the corporate world of greed we’re in. After all GREEDS been crowned the new King.” Chris chimed in, “Scalpers make it hard for those of us who work in medical to get a decent seat. Because by the time we get a break or off work, there’s really nothing good left. 10am on sale times suck almost as much as scalpers.”

Loree told Sixx, “We love Motley Crue: you boys have shown us over and over again that you care about the fans. I got tickets during the last tour for $50 dollars and you made sure of that. I remember your saying how important it was that everyone got to have a chance to see you. Seats were😍🤘.” Suzy said, “Exactly. I paid $187.50 for my ticket to the Stadium Tour! And I absolutely wouldn’t pay that much for ANY OTHER band but Mötley Crüe! Oh well, who needs food, anyway? 🤔It’ll be worth it — Right Nikki?! 🙏🏼.”

Dennis wrote, “All the damn available seats were from scalpers, it seems. Payed $1200 for 4 seats that will make Nikki look like an ants pet! My only hope is the sound will be loud enough to feel like I’m at a concert. This D Vet can’t afford the 2020 price of a floor seat of $2K ea! Ugh.” Chris asked, “Nikki, wondering if actual tickets could only be downloaded/released day before show? Iron Maiden was here a few months ago and you couldn’t get your tickets until 24 hours before showtime to battle scalpers. Have you guys considered something like this?” Nikki Sixx recently called out a ‘punk’ on the Motley Crue 2020 reunion tour.