Motley Crue Rip Major Star For Being Prostitute


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee accused President Donald Trump of being a ‘whore’ in a new tweet. Howard Stern recently made a bizarre remark about Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson.

Trump tweeted, “Leaving South Korea after a wonderful meeting with Chairman Kim Jong Un. Stood on the soil of North Korea, an important statement for all, and a great honor!”

Lee responded, “Nothin but a press whore opportunity!”

Author Anthony Bozza recently said about Tommy Lee, “I don’t even know where to start when I start talking about Tommy Lee. He is an iconic hard rock drummer, the John Bonham of his era. I co-wrote Tommy’s autobiography Tommyland with him in 2004 and we have been the best of friends ever since. People say that a lot in entertainment, but in this case it’s really true. Tommy and I talk all the time, through all of the good and bad that goes on in our lives because no matter how you slice it, we were housemates for a year and we were thick as thieves. Writing with Tommy was unlike any experience I’ve had or will ever have again – and that’s probably a good thing.

If that degree of immersion was part of every job I took, by now I’d have some type of creatively induced personality disorder and would be recording this for you from the comfort of a padded room. Then again, who’s to say I’m not? Becoming good friends made writing Tommyland more special than anything else I’ve worked on, but it also simply couldn’t have happened with anyone else because Tommy Lee is truly one of a kind. To me, he’s my big brother, my buddy, he’s mischievous, he’s lovable, he’s silly, he’s rightfully infamous, he’s charming and he’s seriously fun. Without the fame and endlessly great stories, he would still be the greatest of hangs. He could install cable TV and would still be the coolest guy in town that everyone wanted to be friends with.

But he just so happens to be in a notorious rock band that you might have heard of. They’re fond of makeup and pyro. They’ve been around since 1981, they’re called MÖTLEY CRÜE and they’ve sold over 100 million albums worldwide.”