Ozzy Osbourne Bandmate Announces ‘Terminal’ Cancer Diagnosis


Shocking Ozzy Osbourne bandmate news! Tony Iommi, guitarist and one of Black Sabbath’s co-founders recently took to social media via Instagram to pay tribute to Craig Murto, a friend of Iommi’s who recently lost his battle with cancer. Ozzy Osbourne family unloads on ‘sexual harassment’ claim.

The Black Sabbath guitarist wrote: “Sad to hear of the passing of Craig Murto he’s been battling cancer for a while now and I’ve just heard he lost his fight. He was a really nice guy and a huge fan of Sabbath! My condolences to his wife and family. R.I.P. Tony”

Ozzy Osbourne’s family recently leaked this ‘last photo’ before sad death. In other news regarding Ozzy Osbourne’s acclaimed band, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon on of Black Sabbath’s most classic albums in ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’. One fan reviewed: “I must admit my favorite albums are Master of Reality, Vol. 4 & Sabotage. The original, Paranoid & Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are tied in right up there. Honestly, every Sabbath album with Ozzy is the best. There all 5star. But this album there is something electric about it,obviously. Songs like Killing Yourself to Live, Spiral Architect, Who Are You, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Looking for Today & Fluff. A National Acrobat is like taking a hit of acid. I was never huge on Sabbra Cadabara but when Ozzy does it it is done best. I love this album, the guitars are tweaked really nice, heavy thick basslines. Geezer & Tony are great. As always old school Sabbath has been great with Ozzy’s vocals. He really gave a great vocal performance, as always.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘embarrassing’ Brad Pitt claim recently revealed. The fan continued: “The drums are tight as always Bill Ward is a genius. Oldschool Sabbath I love it, you should love it and if you have “heard of” Sabbath but you are young so you just maybe know Ozzy and his solo work(also great, got em all) this is a great album. Check out the newest album with Ozzy called 13 with all original members other than Bill Ward(well on the road tour)Any Sabbath, anything with Ozzy is a great thing. Get it if you don’t have it. Try Vol.4 & Master of Reality&Sabotage&Technical Ecstacy as well.”