Motley Crue Rumored Paycheck With Def Leppard Revealed


Motley Crue are set to tour stadiums this summer with Def Leppard and Poison, and MetalSludgeCEO posted on the forums which the paychecks for each band at every show could end up being. Nikki Sixx turned down an insulting Motley Crue fan demand yesterday.

“Thoughts on Motley Crue’s numbers, why, when, who, where, etc..Initial rumor was Live Nation offers Motley Crue $150M to tour. Everyone laughed…but Metal Sludge, and many other sites ran the story. Now, it seems it’s all legit. Crazy as it seems.

Let’s do some random, general math. Summer tour, stadiums that hold 50,000 people…hope to pull 30k in most. Motley Crue, Def Leppard & Poison. Motley and Poison will have ALL original members, and DL will have 4 of the 5 classic, obvi Clark ain’t here, but Viv is as good as it gets and will have been in the band for 28 years next year.

I’d assume that $150 is for the FULL package. 3 months, 15 gigs a month, 45 shows in North America.
45 shows @ $3-$3.3M per show, 30,000 tix at $ 110.00 each. Of course some will be $300-500 for VIP, etc..and nose bleeds for $50-75 Let’s say there is $3M to pay for the 3 bands. Motley Crue 1.75M, Def Leppard $900k, Poison $350k = $3,000,000.00.”

Poison and Def Leppard discussed tour plans a few days ago. Metal Sludge continued, “There will be huge sponsors, a lot of corporate tie ins, which will team up with Live Nation to take on some of that $3M per event. I’ve heard from reliable sources that Poison was getting $250k in recent years. Def Leppard I am sure was getting well over $500k per show in recent years. Motley Crue ain’t doing this for less than $1M a show. All 3 together, and all of them make more per night, than they’ve made in any previous tours.

Live Nation looks at the whole picture. Some cities will do 25-30k, where a few other markets might have 40-45k. As long as they can get 25,000-30,000 in the gates, on average, there are also lots of other monies to be made off merchandise and concessions. Note: A lot of these stadiums go weeks and weeks with NO business. So even if they fill it half way, there is money to be made for a weekend, instead of it sitting 100% empty until football season starts in mid August.

Motley can be the kings, with others out of the way and less competition for the ticket buyer’s money. GNR is almost done with their “NITL” tour, which started April 1st 2016, it will be 4 years in (11 legs to date, 175 shows, $563M), and all but done by end of this year. So they are out of the way and not a competitive product.

Same with KISS and their ‘End Of The Road’ tour. started Jan. 2019, and is 178 dates in, next year is booked, but April-July 2020, is ALL South America and Europe. NO Kiss shows in the US during the Summer of 2020, which is when Crue will tour.” Motley Crue reacted to a disturbing Mick Mars health rumor earlier this week.