Motley Crue Reveal If Mick Mars Is ‘Close To Death’


Motley Crue will tour stadiums with Def Leppard and Poison in summer 2020, as Alternative Nation broke last week. Rolling Stone and other sites later backed up the report, and Motley Crue hinted at a 40th anniversary tour. Nikki Sixx did talk about bandmate Mick Mars’ health though in a new Q&A with fans, shooting down rumors that he is in poor health or near death.

A fan named Michael asked, “How’s Mick doing? I kind of felt like the tours kept him moving and in better health.. so I worry his condition will creep up on him. Love that dude.” Sixx responded, “He’s great.”

Truddy asked, “I saw Mick in a cool video but his health worries me. Have you checked in on him lately?” Nikki responded, “Yeah. We were just together at the night of The Dirt premiere. He looks great. Fuckers a superhero.”

666Crue asked, “How is Sikki Nixx doing?” Sixx responded, “He’s Died.” Leanne asked, “Give your best life advice in a few words.” Sixx answered, “Don’t waste your death on a half assed life.”

Ronnie S asked, “What’s the most important thing you wish to do on your bucket list.” Sixx shot back, “Live in Europe for a year. Visit Middle East. Spend a month not working, just travel long Japan.”

Sixx later confirmed a new book that he is working on, “Yes I am working on a new book. Nothing quite like it in the book world. It’s a journey into murky waters. Sometimes running from the Devil is the same as running with him. More to be revealed.” Motley Crue appeared to reveal if anyone will be replaced on their reunion tour a few days ago.