AC/DC Singer ‘Refuses’ To Forgive Angus Young


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young will have to do a little bit better in extending an olive branch if he would like to reunite with the band’s original singer Dave Evans, according to a new 98.9FM in Mexico. Angus will likely be just fine though if rumors of a 2020 AC/DC tour with Brian Johnson returning are true though!

The interviewer asked Evans, “So Christmas is right around the corner, it’s the time of forgive and forget.” Evans responded, “That’s what they say.” The interviewer pressed, “So what are your plans for 2020? Any AC/DC?”

Evans shot down the idea of forgiving and reuniting with AC/DC, stating that he is booked solid with a tour and new album in 2020.

He later wrote on social media, “Despite reported rumours I have no interest in returning to AC/DC as the vocalist. As far as I am concerned Malcolm Young was the inspiration, the driving force and the musical genius of AC/DC since we first formed the band and in my opinion when he died the real essence of the band also died and could never be the same without him. I do however wish any new form of the band success.”

Bedlam_In_Toronto commented on, “I want to laugh but… he’s such and insufferable douche:

1) Any musician (or wannabe) who is not making millions with his or her own band would jump through rings of fire over a pool of tiger sharks to play with one of the greatest rock n roll bands of all fucking time.

2) No one of ANY importance — or within six degrees of anyone of importance — has ever mildly hinted, insinuated, speculated or even contemplated him rejoining a legendary band 40 years after he recorded a couple forgettable songs with said band.

Still, he is, as the song says, on a Mexican radio (listen to the Celtic Frost version of that song, btw). Such a douche… But it’s f**king Christmas so I’ll wish him and his 10-inch headband well.”

He added, “And for the love of sweet f**king baby Jesus please STOP playing songs that were written, recorded, and performed years after you were summarily fired from that band.

I know he’s hoping people under the age of 40 might infer that he was in the band when these songs were recorded. Unless he introduces these classics he has zero claim to with a disclaimer that sounds a lot like my first sentence in this post. Perhaps he does…”

MyCubiclePenguin said, “So, he has no interest in returning due to Mal’s death? Loss for words. Maybe he saw that Rudd and Chris Slade returned and thought “maybe”

Has his name even been mentioned by anyone in the band, its management, or even the media since 1974? I’d be less surprised if a new version of the band included Paul Matters and Colin Burgess, and, yes, I had to go to wikipedia to actually remember their fucking names.” An AC/DC singer was ‘robbed’ at a cemetery recently.