Motley Crue Wife Reveals ‘Embarrassing’ Bedroom Secret


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx revealed that his dogs were sleeping in bed with his wife while he slept on the floor wearing ‘unwashed’ workout pants. Vince Neil’s girlfriend leaked a sad gym photo a few days ago.

Keri Tate asked, “Speaking of dogs, care to give us some Leica and Houdini action tonight? 🖤🐶 #AskSixx.” Sixx answered, “Sleeping in the bed while I sleep on the floor. As it should be.”

He also said, “My wife is working her ass of all day and night filming while I sit here in unwashed workout pants with knotted greasy hair. #KeptMan.” A fan named Teresa asked, “A few days ago. I’ve been busy.” Nikki responded, “A few days ago. I’ve been busy.”

Tut1971 recently posted on Reddit about Motley Crue VIP meet and greets, “Did it a few years back when it wasn’t nearly as expensive as it is now. Wasn’t worth it at 1k a ticket and based on what I’ve read it won’t be remotely worth it at the ridiculous prices they’re asking. Stay away dude.”

Maynard_0101 responded, “Damn I had pulled the trigger since they let out. Hopefully they are up to it because of the newer fan base they have acquired this past year. I’m okay with it cause all the goodies add up but I’m just scared they are gonna be rude or inactive. Were they at least nice to their fans at the meet and greet?”

Tut1971 wrote, “Dude, it was literally an express line. You waited in line for your pic and they shuttled you in and right out. Barely time to even say ‘hi.’ I know the highest level of VIP got to hang for about 1/2 hour or so but no idea how it was. I wasn’t paying $2500 per.” A Motley Crue member rejected a world tour a week ago.