Motley Crue Member ‘Refuses’ 2020 World Tour


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has revealed that the band will not go on a world tour in 2020, and they will be sticking to North America for this run of shows, though a 2021 40th anniversary tour has been hinted at. He did hint though that shows in Mexico could be coming. A Motley Crue member reacted to a sad brain tumor death a couple of days ago.

Roccey asked on Twitter, “@NikkiSixx any plans to visit B’ham, UK? Some of your fans have got no opportunity to see ya on american tour :(”

Sixx answered, “We haven’t had the conversation about other countries yet.🤘🏽”

Xndrx said, “I’m moving from Mexico to Canada because I KNOW you gotta go there so, see ya later 😎.”

Nikki responded, “We love Mexico. Don’t be so hasty….👀.”

Whatever199781 recently posted on Reddit, “So I’m a huge Crüe fan, ever since I was 9 (I’m 21 now) and read the dirt. I never got to go to the 2015 tour mostly because of ignorance of it being their “last tour” and me not having enough money. Now, I find myself in the position to not only go to this tour, get good seats, but also potentially get the kickstart my heart package. Any thoughts or warnings against it? And does it include a plus one? I’m going with my gf and I’m not gonna get a $2,000 experience that only I get to have.”

Stacebabe commented, “I have been a fan since the 80’s, I’ve seen them a million times and I wouldn’t pay that. Not at all worth it. That $225 merch credit? Maybe will get you 2 sweatshirts. The price is per ticket, so you have to buy 2. The meet and greets are rushed. My friend and I went with the Feelgood package, which gets you the same floor seat as the Kickstart. It ended up being $347 each after fees.” A Motley Crue member begged for food in a new photo.