Neil Peart ‘Chemotherapy’ Photo Leaked To Rush Fans


A user by the name of grep over at the prominent Neil Peart and Rush message board, TheRushForum recently posted shocking yet ostensible information that someone allegedly leaked a photograph of Neil Peart during his chemotherapy treatment. Neil Peart ‘goodbye hug’ to Rush icon leaks.

The user claimed: “Apparently there was or is a photo floating around of Neil during his chemo. Apparently a private moment that leaked. I haven’t seen it, don’t want to see it. But whoever leaked that, IMO is another c***.”

Neil Peart’s heartbreaking rumored funeral revealed. In other news regarding Neil Peart and Rush, fans took to the aforementioned message board to say their final goodbyes to the fallen Rush drummer. Fellow forum user Gerxt wrote: “I love you too Neil.  I love how your lyrics expanded my world and my attitudes and made me a better person. I never met you but you touched my life profoundly. You were my only friend for a long time, the only one who got my experience. I don’t pretend to have known you but you moved me, you moved me. I can’t imagine how your family and brothers feel now, but I feel for you deeply.”

The user continued: “I want to watch that wonderful video of you having dinner with Geddy and Alex sometime soon and share a tiny bit of the good times in your life. Life was wonderful and cruel to you. I hope Olivia will be ok about this one day. Though I live on the other side of the world, chance has it that I will be in Toronto shortly. I’m going to go to Lakeside Park and leave a memory for you.” Rush fan reveals Neil Peart ‘angry’ sickness rant.