Neil Peart Dropping Rush Tour Bombshell Revealed


Rush drummer Neil Peart’s father Glen recalled his son’s time as a parts manager in Ontario, Canada for a recent feature in Here, the elder Peart discusses the moment his son hit it big with Rush, which was the reason why he really quit the parts management center. This ‘thin And pale’ Rush icon photo photo was recently revealed.

He told the site:

When we locked the door, he came and sat in my office and unloaded. The two visitors were the managers of Rush, a band from Toronto that were about to hit the big time. They had signed a contract and their first tour was arranged but their drummer had just dropped a bomb on all their plans — for health reasons, he had been told not to travel. The managers wanted Neil to audition ASAP and, if successful, to join the other two guys and start to practice — immediately! This Rush singer calls out a big name for smashing a guitar.

Neil was consumed with guilt because we were just coming into our busy season and he felt he was letting me down. I finally said, “Neil, this could be the chance of your life. We have to talk this over your mother when we get home, but I feel you have to do this. It could be a dream come true and if it doesn’t work out, there will still be a Parts Department that can use you!” Obviously, Mom agreed with my thoughts and the rest is history!” This Rush singer calls out a big name for smashing a guitar.

Rush recently wrote on social media, “As a young musician few drummers stood taller or were a bigger musical influence than Ginger Baker…I will never forget the awesomeness of seeing him perform with Cream at Massey Hall on June 5 1968 along side the late great Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton. He was one of Rock’s first virtuoso drummers and his incredible legacy lives on. Sincere condolences to Ginger’s family, friends and fans.”