Rush Icon Neil Peart ‘Thin And Pale’ Photo Revealed


Rush drummer Neil Peart’s father Glen recalled his son’s days as a ‘thin and pale’ parts manager in Ontario, Canada for a recent feature in He also shared a photo from the time period, just before Peart hit it big with Rush and became one of the greatest drummers of all time.  This Rush singer calls out a big name for smashing a guitar.

He told the site:

“Neil was glad to have the job. As it arrived, he lined it all up on shelves as he had done many times in our dealership. When the owner returned, he was so pleased he said, “Why don’t you stay here and manage this store for me? His dealership experience did pay off!” This Rush singer calls out a big name for smashing a guitar.

He continued, “In the fall of 1973, our dealership won a sales campaign trip to England with many other Canadian dealers and his mother, Betty, and I had the chance to spend a couple of days with him in London. Betty was concerned that he was so thin and pale — the English climate will do that to you — but he was obviously homesick and missed all his friends”

He also said, Neil and I had a talk. I said “Neil, you are managing the store here and I have a Parts Dept. that could sure use you!” I know this was working on him and in the New Year (1974), he sent us a note and said “Dad, I’m coming home!” I don’t know who was happier — his mom or dad — but it was a celebration! Geddy Lee recently made a sad Eric Clapton revelation.

blueschica reviewed a new Geddy Lee interview on, “This went up on the NPR site today. Geddy is on World Cafe on WXPN in Philadelphia. Anyway, it’s one of those interviews where there is a playlist of some of his favorite songs, and as always, Ged is interesting and very articulate about what the bass is doing in the songs and why he loves it. (Who has ever used the phrase ‘subterranean melodic content’ about Motown before? But it describes the playing perfectly.).”