Mick Jagger ‘Weight Gain’ At Gym Photo Revealed


Mick Jagger was photographed training at a gym for The Rolling Stones 2020 ‘No Filter’ North American tour in a new social media photo, and he looks like he’s gaining muscle weight! Jagger said, “Time to get back to it! #stonesnofilter.” Keith Richards was stunned by an alleged Mick Jagger affair ‘bombshell’ in a new story.

MisterDDDD posted on IORR.org recently about the tour, “Would appear that Vancouver, San Diego, and Austin are the best selling shows so far to me. Like always, they will all no doubt sell out by show time, but perhaps wouldn’t recommend waiting till show time hoping for a major drop at these.

Makes sense that these would be the most popular of the ‘B’ cities. All Austin has left for standard tickets are the inexpensive lawn seats, which judging by the map may never sell out.”

Clance65 chimed in, “Exactly how I’m seeing it. Glad I nabbed BC…217 inside aisle side stage, maybe 12-15 rows up. Perfect for the daughter & I. Ha, after my 6-7 drive from Portland & through Customs, I’m hoping to check into the hotel (Hotel Blu across street) – shower, slam a Red Bull, hopefully get there in time for an event shirt & whatever my daughter wants & take a nap in my seat before showtime lol.

Good read on those 3 shows. Man, the Stones economy is humming right into 2020.”

Dreamtime wrote, “There is so much money in my town and jersey and then add Boston & Philly. 17 shows last year and only 15 this year? End last US Tour in Atlanta? Buffalo only show with no lucky dips so far. All shows are always available. I want them at Citifield (Shea Stadium), not Metlife in NJ.”

Hairball added, “I see for San Diego (and maybe other venues) they’ve started the “Verified Resale Tickets” – as seen in red on seating map.

The odd thing is, there are none showing on the majority of the floor – including pit. Only showing in GA section rear floor and every section above the floor, Don’t think I’ve ever seen it where some sections are omitted…maybe they’re waiting a bit to sell off more Platinums and whatever limited face values there are left on the floor and/or pit?

Anyhow, hoping they start listing them on the floor/pit, and eventually there will be some prices dropping back down closer to face value…Pit 2 is currently listed at a disgusting $956+ Platinum price….&%*#@ bastards….” Jeff Beck viciously unloading on Mick Jagger was just revealed.