U2 Singer Bono ‘Freaks Out’ Surprising Woman In Bed


U2 and it’s opinioned frontman Bono ‘freaked out’ TV critic Jen Chaney recently. The Vulture writer took to social media via Twitter to discuss the particular dream in bed she had revolving Bono as she wrote: “Last night I dreamed that I was at a U2 concert. Bono threw a piece of newspaper into the crowd, which I caught, as well as a piece of lettuce that I caught and became determined to somehow preserve. My brain’s really freaking me out.” Bono beach photo stuns U2 fans, is he overweight?

In other news regarding Bono and U2, fans recently took to the group’s subreddit to discuss U2’s potential musical direction and what they should do moving forward in the coming years, suggesting that the group should take time off and come back reinvented. U2 member ‘threatened’ at party, was Bono wasted?

MJsdanglebaby stated: “The thing is they already made a shift. I don’t think we’ll get another abstract album per se (although we may!), I do hope they go forward this decade. I don’t want to hear about reapplying for the job. I don’t want to hear about dreaming it up again. I don’t want to hear about innocence.”

The fan continued by saying: “I want them to be looking forward and only forward when it comes to new music. A new direction. Whatever that direction is, it doesn’t have to be as drastic as JT to AB, nor do I think it will be that drastic, just no more looking back. I would LOVE to see a NEW era of U2.”

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