Keith Richards Stunning Bedroom Secret Revealed


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards sure knows how to create magic in the bedroom, musically speaking! Magician Penn Jillette was interviewed on a recent edition of the Joe Rogan Experience and touched on a variety of topics. Here, Jillette reveals a surprising revelation revolving Richards – discussing how Richards quite literally played The Rolling Stones’ iconic 1965 hit (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction in his sleep. Keith Richards claimed that he stole a The Rolling Stones classic recently. In addition, talking about how Richards does his best to blend in with the normal crowd. A The Rolling Stones member brutally falling down was recently revealed. Alternative Nation’s “Magic” Mike Mazzarone transcribed Jillette’s comments.

Jillette: You know that Keith Richards thing right? He went to sleep and had this sound activated recorder that he got by the side of the bed along with his guitar and he went to sleep one night. Keith woke up the next morning and there on the tape recorder there was some voice activation in the night, he played it – it was “Satisfaction”. You haven’t gotten that yet?

Rogan: I haven’t gotten that yet. My friend who works in a school in Connecticut where his kids go, where Keith Richards’ kids go and Keith Richards will ride on a bike to school with a fucking bandana on and my friend is like: “holy shit, that’s Keith Richards, like he’s just kinda hanging around with normal people.” Like, he says that it freaks you out when you see him because you’re like: “What.. that’s fucking Keith Richards, he just hangs out?” Just like, you know, he’s a giant superstar but he drifts into the real world and it just freaks people out.  Keith Richards described being stunned by a The Rolling Stones bandmate quitting recently.

Jillette: Yeah, I mean, I only met Keith Richards of groups of people but it’s so amazing.

Rogan: So surreal right?

Jillette: So surreal.

Rogan: He’s an epic human.

Jillette: Yeah he is.