Nicolas Cage Reveals Truth About Eddie Vedder


Popular actor Nicolas Cage recently talked about the nights he spent watching horror movies with Johnny Ramone, Eddie Vedder, Tom Waits, Kirk Hammett and Rob Zombie. Cage is currently promoting his new movie Renfield, coming out in April, in which he will interpret Dracula.

Nicholas Cage opens up on the matter

Nicolas Cage starred in many horror movies in the past (Mandy, Color Out Of SpaceMom and Dad, and also the remake of the masterpiece The Wicker Man by Robin Hardy) and in April he will be coming to the screens with his rendition of Dracula in the movie Renfield.

Being interviewed for the promotion of this movie, Cage remembered when in the early 2000’s he would plan weekly horror movie nights with his friend Johnny Ramone (The Ramones guitar player who died in 2004), and also Rob Zombie, Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Eddie Vedder & Tom Waits.

Cage said that he was very close to Johnny Ramone because both were big fans of horror movies. He added that Jonny would go to his place admiring his horror comics and posters collection. Cage further revealed that would visit Jonny’s home and watch the huge collection of horror movies he had. Rob Zombie was a big friend of Johnny, so he introduced him to Nicolas and they became friends too.

My friends were Tom Waits and Kirk Hammett from Metallica,” he continued. “So I brought them to the table and Johnny brought in Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. We all became friends together, this circle of horror movie fans and music fans. That was a great time. It was a lot like the old French salons, where we were talking art, film and music. Eddie and Johnny would do this funny thing called ‘The Mentalist’, where Eddie would start reading people’s minds – I don’t know how they did that but that was one of their jokes. Tom Waits went on and did a cover of a Ramones song. It was a very creative, give-and-take experience that I was proud to be a member of.”

Renfield is set to land in cinemas on 14th April 2023.