Metallica Bassist Unloads On Ripoff After Departure


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney revealed that his bass was ‘stolen’ at a concert around the time he quit the band in late 1982. Lars Ulrich broke his silence on a Metallica breakup rumor a few days ago.

A fan asked, “Do you still have that bass too?” McGovney responded, “Stolen at a gig in Long Beach.” Another fan asked about his gear, “2 Marshall Full Stacks? How could you afford it?” McGovney responded, “1 Marshall half stack. 1 borrowed Marshall cabinet. 1 fake Marshall stack with painted grills and Marshall logos. I don’t remember the brand.”

The fan shot back, “I’m guessing James’ half stack was the one his Mum bought him with the 1959 plexi that was modded by José Arrendono(?) Dave had another amp tucked away then? or when you say fake… you mean some kind of functional copy? Love that ‘the look’ was so important.”

Lars Ulrich recently wrote happy birthday to former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and current bassist Robert Trujillo. Ulrich wrote to Trujillo. Metallica’s ex-bassist revealed a horrible paycheck recently. Ulrich wrote, “Happy Birthday to my partner in Rock ‘n Roll and World Exploration …..’RT in the house’…Here’s to another year of Fuck yeahs, That’s rights, Step ups and otherworldly, crazy, next level mind-bending adventures!!! #wanna @robtrujillo 📸 by: @rosshalfin.”

He wrote in another post, “11 years ago today in 2008, the World Magnetic tour started in Phoenix, Arizona..Over the next 25 months we would play over 180 shows. These snaps by @rosshalfin are from that night at the Jobing Arena as it was called back then.. #Wanna ?? #WorldMagnetic.” Metallica revealed last week why they disrespected Jason Newsted.