Mick Jagger Stunned By Disgusting Attack At Concert


Mick Jagger called out security to help an injured fan in a sling after he was attacked by overaggressive fans at The Rolling Stones show in Glendale, Arizona on Monday.

mamau posted on IORR.org, “anyone noticed something happening between mick and the crowd on the catwalk just before Ron’s solo on You Can’t Always Get What You Want? from a FB video he seems to be arguing with someone…”

clapton71 responded, “I noticed that too..he pointed at someone..kept walking turned around and looked at a security guy like do your job.”

mamau chimed in, “Yes exactly, maybe something was thrown on stage?” Nikkei said, “Throwing stuff on the stage is so idiotic. What do they expect to accomplish? Remember when Keith tripped over that stupid fourthofjuly hat a few years back? I was surprised how swiftly he got back up, can’t imagine that now.”

Keith Richards taking a shot at a bandmate after an onstage screwup was recently revealed. BenjiBoy13 then told the full story about why Jagger was upset, “So I was in Pit 1 right next to what was happening. Long story short, it seemed like there were a couple of people that moved up into the near front of the pit by the catwalk, in front of people that had been there waiting for the show for a while.

One of the women that did this was dancing very aggressively and running into the guy they moved in front of, who was in a sling as he had a very recent / bad shoulder injury. After this started happening he went over at least twice to the security guard on the rail yelling to get them to move her as she kept running into him but they didn’t.

The guards kept standing on the rail looking over there (with the guy pointing at them a couple different times) to assess if they she was doing something worth removal, so my guess is that Mick noticed and thought something needed to be sorted asap. Or else it’s possible he knew the guy somehow and noticed him trying to remove someone. Don’t know. It was figured out after a couple songs.

Separately, there was also 4 younger adults that moved up into the front (right in front of me) during the acoustic set–a group of 4. However, one of the girls got held back from her friends initially when they were doing this by others in the pit who felt like they were cutting. One of the security guards made a point to ask people to let her through though so everyone eventually did. I wondered if they know the band as it seemed odd, but at any rate they were a little taller than me so my view was worsened slightly for a few songs lol… all part of the game though. Wasn’t an issue other than that it was mid-concert.” Mick Jagger revealed why he was denied entry at a popular Beverly Hills restaurant last week.