Nikki Sixx Reveals When Motley Crue Are Done ‘For Good’


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx said he would ‘try’ retirement again in ‘a few years.’ We’ll see if Motley Crue keep their word next time on breaking up for good!

Nikki Sixx proclaimed on Twitter, “And I thought I was gonna fade into the sunset watering the lawn in the backyard naked…I’ll try again in a few years? #MotleyIsBack.”

Motley Crue’s 2020 reunion tour ticket sales were just revealed. Sixx also asked fans, “What songs from the four bands on #StadiumTour are you looking forward to hearing? Fuck load of hits for sure.”

Rudi suggested, “I’ve never heard Without You in person. That one is a banger.” Nikki seemed intrigued, “Not a bad idea.”

Ernesto wrote, “Without you was my wedding song, and by the way we got tickets for Houston show and will be just 3 days after our 17 anniversary, so if you play that song that will be awesome.

Will Doughty told Sixx, “We did 50+ dates together and I think I heard it twice and once was at sound check. You guys gotta do that one next year.” FireOfAtlantis tweeted, “The Dirt!” Sixx shot back, “Consider that done!”

It was recently revealed that Vince Neil has lost weight. Mister_Met commented on Reddit, “Good for him. Would be great if he quit smoking and drinking too.”

Two_Spaghetti_Meals chimed in, “Damn, noticeable difference already! Not trying to sound mean but he really is looking better.”

Noaffects commented, “Wow looking a lot better!”

Jsparker77 said, “How did he lose weight everywhere but his face? I know a lot of it is alcohol bloat, but I don’t think that can account for all of it. He’s known to be no stranger to liposuction, so I’m wondering if he had another procedure.” Howard Stern ripped Vince Neil’s appearance in a photo a couple of weeks ago.

Vince lost a lot of weight. ( maybe he can sing now). Not hating on him, glad he lost the weight he must feel a lot better. from r/MotleyCrue