Sammy Hagar ‘Needs’ Eddie Van Halen For 2020 Performance


Sammy Hagar hinted that he would need Eddie Van Halen to perform “Right Now” on piano after a fan requested to hear the song when he uploaded a new piano performance video. Sammy Hagar dropped a Van Halen reunion tour bombshell last week.

Frizzyhairedfool wrote to Hagar recently when he uploaded a piano video, “Was really hoping he would play ‘Right Now’ on that piano. 😁.” Hagar responded, “@frizzyhairedfool Ha ha I wish I could.”

Michael Anthony told Hagar, “Sambo, I thought you went South the other night?? Guess you decided to stay there… Merry Christmas brother, love you guys!!”

Van Halen fans discussed Alex Van Halen’s importance to the band in a new topic. JUNGLE DRUMMER wrote, “Yes, believe it or not, REAL VH fans and not just Edward sycophants actually do care about the sound of Al’s drums. F**king idiot.” Dave’s Dreidel said, “Everything Music talks about Al’s snare tone, but I guess that’s another troll on the internet out to steal Ed’s thunder.”

JungleDrummer shot back, “This is actually true. Go to any drummers forum, be it Drummerworld or Pearl Drummers or whatever, and if you search “Alex Van Halen snare tone” you will eventually come upon a thread or conversation about it. And this is on forums with drummers who are not necessarily fans of Alex or even the band.

His snare tone, specifically from about Fair Warning(when he first bought and recorded with his 1980 Tama Rosewood snare which is seen in LWAN) up through the present, in the drumming community is a common source of debate. Drummers either hate it or absolutely LOVE it, but there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. Either way, while it is definitely inspired by the Bonham/Bruford style of snare tone and tuning, it is very much unique to Alex and for me and a lot of people the AVH brown sound snare tone is the best that it gets.” Sammy Hagar revealed last month if Eddie Van Halen is really sick.