Keith Richards Wife Shows Off Backside In Dress Photo


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ wife Patti Hansen recently posted a photo to celebrate her anniversary with Keith, sharing a backside photo of her wedding dress as she danced. Keith Richards being ‘kicked out’ of a bandmate’s home was just revealed.

Patti Hansen wrote, “Then and now🎉 Happy anniversary and happy birthday to my love ❤️❤️ 📸 by @harrrryking.” Keith commented, “Happy Anniversary, Darling❤️.”

Keith Richards appears in a new documentary about Chuck Berry’s life, and Captain Corella reviewed the film on, “It was indeed the ‘official’ movie of Chuck’s life – much participation from the family. His brushes with the Law (perhaps more accurately with Jim Crow) were dealt with (my knowledge does not cover whether or not any of significance were omitted, but all I knew about were covered). I’ll only make three criticisms…It wasn’t long enough – a mini-series would have covered more ground in more detail and allowed more songs to be played in full.

The part about where the British Invasion was covered (wrongly dated in the set up interview) could/should have had more emphasis. That period (1964-69-ish) transformed popular music in a way that it had never before been transformed, and it was dominated by two British bands, and they in turn owed so much to Chuck’s music. As far as I recall only stock film was used (Keith, Ronnie and Paul McCartney, Mick (at the White House?)), but no interviews were done with any of them in the way Steve Van Zandt and others were interviewed.

Timelines got muddled at times. Thats a bugbear of mine. In a biography, unless you’re following an closely coupled series of events, then the story should be told in time sequence. But, GREAT stuff and the message from outer space at the end was terrific.” Keith Richards asking for an older woman to do drugs with him was recently detailed.