Nirvana Bassist Reacts To Scary Emergency Landing


ABC 7 reports that a plane carrying rapper Post Malone and 15 others made an emergency landing at Stewart International Airport in New York after blowing two tires during takeoff at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey Tuesday morning.

The Gulfstream IV was en route to London Luton Airport in the United Kingdom when the pilot realized shortly after takeoff that the two front tires had blown.

The pilot began circling the airport for about 30 minutes before the jet was diverted. It flew over Connecticut for the next few hours before landing at Stewart Airport in New Windsor, Orange County around 4:00 p.m. The FAA will investigate the incident.

The plane originally was to attempt an emergency landing at Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport in Massachusetts, airport manager Eric Billowitz said. It circled over Connecticut to burn fuel, a practice sometimes used to decrease the risk of explosion and fire during emergency landings.

A spokesperson confirmed the plane was carrying Post Malone, who had performed at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night. Posts to social media showed Post Malone and his entourage boarding the plane at Teterboro.

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, who is also a pilot, reacted to the story on Twitter.

“Hooray on a safe landing! Good job by the pilots and @faa ATC.”

He also said, “To tell the truth, I had never heard of him before. I was being a concerned aviator, and do not wish aircraft problems on anybody. As far as music goes, seems like most people don’t know that I have a new band with a record that’s been out for months.”