Tool Member Humiliates Fan Using Phone In Video


Maynard James Keenan recently ripped a Tool fan for using the light on their phone during the band’s recent show. In a recent video clip surfacing on Reddit, he went on to call the fan a 7-year old and said: “Light out dummy, light out. There you go, turn the light off. A f****ing 7-year-old knows better.”

Tool lowers price of Fear Inoculum box set

It has been noted that Tool has lowered the price of their controversial ‘Fear Inoculum’ box set after fans got vocal about the $810 (£600) price tag. It was announced earlier this week, the album will only be available to fans who bought the Toolarmy VIP tickets to the forthcoming dates on their tour. For $810, the collection includes five discs of 180-gram vinyl, with music on one side and etched art on the other. The sets have also been autographed. The signed editions were already fetching around $2,000 on eBay.

While fans expressed their excitement at owning the Tool vinyl, many were annoyed by the high price tag. One person commented on the band’s Instagram post: “Any chance of a non-silly variant to, you know, just be able to listen to on a record player?” As per a thread on Reddit, the Fear Inoculum vinyl box set has now been reduced to $750 (£560).

The band previously debuted a new song live on tourThey also recently returned to Las Vegas for the first time in almost a couple of years on a Saturday night. The veteran metal band has now staged two of its past 30 performances at T-Mobile Arena, the only venue that’s hosted Tool twice since the group released its fifth album, Fear Inoculum, in 2019. The band also recently went to San Diego, south of their home in Los Angeles, for their concert at Viejas Arena.

Over on the official Tool subreddit, one fan and Reddit user = fullsquishmtb stated that this experience isn’t anything new for the Tool frontman, proclaiming: “Lol he did something similar in Boston, but pointed to the guy and said something like “turn your f***ing light off. What a f***in dumbass. You, screw”. I giggled.