Steven Tyler Caught In Horrible ‘Affair’ Video


Aerosmith legend and frontman Steven Tyler recently took to social media via Instagram to post this video that he filmed in his pajamas satirizing a one-night-stand affair. You can view it below. Aerosmith family rips Steven Tyler for ‘lying’ to fans.

In other news regarding Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of Aerosmith and Tyler’s most successful albums in Permanent Vacation. One fan put: ” Let me state my bias right away by saying this was already one of my favorite Aerosmith albums before I purchased this on vinyl; Rocks and Get Your Wings are probably my two favorites from the early Columbia years, but this is definitely my favorite of the Geffen years. I’ve had this album on cassette and CD, but this sounds better than every format I’ve heard it on. Since getting into vinyl this is still one of the records I revisit the most frequently. ” Steven Tyler’s girlfriend leaks painful Joey Kramer photo.

While another said: ” Aerosmith’s 80s metal style album, an example of perfectly sharpened steel, for example: Heart’s Done Time, Magic Touch, Simoriah and The Movie. Other tracks have a classic rock flavor, such as Girl Keeps Falling Apart, the title track and their Beetles cover “I’m Down”. And then there’s a couple of bluesy tracks, the deep blues “Hangman’s Jury” and the more rocking “St. John” plus there’s a Bluesy Jazz flavored hit, Rag Doll and the electric pop-metal Dude (Looks like a Lady), and their mega-popular, and then mega-forgotten power ballad “Angle”. All tracks feature Steven Tyler on Testosterone and screaming his lungs out in a more macho fashion as opposed to his last decades of soulful and sometimes estrogenic sounds. Overall, this is more of a guys album than the recent ladies rock music they’ve produced. I put this in line with Rocks, Done With Mirrors and Draw The Line for elements of bravado throughout. I think the ladies might be disappointed in that the lyrics are geared towards a teenage males train of thought, and sometimes misogynist. Sorry, but this was my favorite album back in the day. And, I’ve never had an album I was ever more enthusiastic about, as a teenage male.” Steven Tyler’s daughter bends over in black lingerie photo.