Noel Gallagher Blasts ‘Boring’ Dave Grohl & Josh Homme For Surprising Reasons


Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher criticized Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme in a new interview.

“I think that it’s very easy for guys with guitars to pick up those guitars these days and just sing about what’s on the news. I don’t know what the point of all of that is. I think to write songs in this day and age that are full of joy and hope, is almost revolutionary.

I think that guitar music has become more about fucking shouting, like Dave Grohl, what’s he on about? Green Day, and the guy from Queens of the Stone Age, what are they shouting about? They’re shouting about the fucking news. Who wants to sing about the news?

The news is boring. Donald Trump is fucking boring. Politics is boring. The little fat guy from North Korea, he looks funny, but he’s fucking boring. So why would you want to write music about that [stuff]? I think to write songs about joy and hope is fucking revolutionary. There, I just said it, revolutionary.”

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  • Kevin Stafford

    I don’t think I ever hear a political song by Dave Grohl! All Foo Fighters songs are uplifting to me! You can’t compare Foo Fighters to Green Day. Being political is Green Day’s thing. And they do “that thing” pretty damn good I think! I don’t know much about Queens Of The Stone Age since I only have the album that Dave plays drums on and a few others but they don’t attract me the same as Foo Fighter music! Now, Noel Gallagher and Peter Weller wrong a great tune together for last year’s new Monkees album “Good Times!” called “Birth Of An Accidental Hipster” and it was great! One of the best songs on the album! If anyone has been political, it’s Noel! He was constantly stopping by 10 Downing in the late 90’s and has been quoted saying, “Now David Cameron is no different from Tony Blair and Gordon Brown is no different from David Cameron.” I would have wished he pointed out where Dave Grohl wrote political! I think angry Mr. Gallagher is has got it backwards. Must be feeling guilty and jealous of the great music being made by Foo Fighters!

  • 40sRunner Girl

    Didn’t he just screw up an idiot-proof live performance of The Beatles’ “Come Together” with the Foo Fighters, botched lyrics, old fart drunken attempt at stage diving, and all? Or was that his brother? Wait… who cares??? Maaabe… yore gonna be the one who saaaves me… wonderwaaaal…

    • astrocreep7

      That was Liam.

      • 40sRunner Girl

        My bad.

  • Corndog

    Musically, you really can’t get much more boring than Noel Gallagher. Ironic.

    Saying that, i would have to agree that the Foo Fighters are pretty damn dull. I don’t really have much of an opinion on Josh Homme though as i have only ever bothered to listen to one Queens album. I bought that on the strength of ‘No One Knows’ but didn’t feel like the rest of the album ever reached the quality of that song. I did kinda like the one that Mark Lanegan sang (Hanging Tree, i think?) but that was purely because Mark Lanegan was singing.

  • Cub Fan Bob

    Fuck off, these three gents rock the shit out of music. If you can’t hang with them move the fuck out of the way.

  • timmy hendero

    washed up drunk, does anyone even listen to this guy? riding the coat tails of 1 good oasis album years ago

  • L. P.

    He is an irritating twat tweezer.

  • Pol

    He has a point. I don’t need to see the same points regurgitated by everyone from late night hosts to Hollywood celebs to guitar heroes.

  • turbo25

    I understand the jab at Grohl, because he admitted Trump was the inspiration for the new album. But as far as Homme and QOTSA go, Noel is talking out of his ass. Homme is one of least political musicians out there. Has Noel actually listened to Villains? No screaming. No politics. Stop trying to be relevant Gallagher, because you haven’t been since fucking “Friends” was airing new episodes.

  • Christine Rasmussen

    BORING???!!! You’ve got to be kidding me! Josh Homme and QOTSA are cutting edge genius next level rock gods. Dave Grohl is a rock LEGEND, pioneer, amazing songwriter and unbeatable entertaining frontman putting together an unforgettable night of the best rock entertainment and fun I’ve ever seen at Cal Jam 17. I DID, however, see this clueless CLOWN LOOSER Noel Gallagher get up on stage and make a complete ass of himself after being graciously invited by Dave to sing a Beatles song during the Foo Fighters set…he was late to stage, Dave had to call him several times…not only did he miss his que to guest sing one single song but then didn’t even know the words to “Come Together” and had the f***ing NERVE to read the lyrics off a sheet of paper!!!!!!!!! I’ve never seen someone so unprofessional. Noel Gallagher is the one that’s boring and can’t be trusted to be a guest on stage or a gentleman behind anyone’s back. What an ungrateful dick!

    • foreignobject

      First of all, the article was about Noel Gallagher, not Liam Gallagher, so saying “Liam Gallagher is the one that’s boring and can’t be trusted to be a
      guest on stage or a gentleman behind anyone’s back. What an ungrateful
      dick!” makes you seem a bit ignorant. Furthermore, I don’t know if I’d call Dave Grohl ‘a pioneer’. He’s a nice guy, sure, and a very successful musician, strong in his own field, but what’s he actually pioneered? A career where every song sounds pretty much identical? Foo Fighters are pretty dull and should’ve called it a day after ‘One by One’. The stuff he did with QOTSA was much more interesting and enjoyable. Finally, ‘Looser’ means something that is less tight; ‘Loser’ only has one o, and you meant ‘cue’ when you wrote ‘que’. ‘Que’ doesn’t even have an English meaning. It means ‘what’ in Spanish.

      • Christine Rasmussen

        I know all that stuff, I’m never going to get a writing job at Rolling Stone magazine 😪 but I like my post, albeit a bit misplaced, because I vent about the unfortunate performance by Liam Gallagher at Cal Jam 17 and talk about the real talent of Josh Homme, QOTSA and FF. I’m just a fan not an English major.

  • Stone Gossardish

    There’s very few people who care about anyone that’s 20 years past their best work. What does Color Me Badd think about Kenny West or Drake? That’s right, no one cares.

    Same goes for Noel, though I love his best stuff from 20 years ago.

  • Victor Garcez Soares

    He’s saying the right things, but in the wrong ways…

  • Jayne Dhoe

    I know what Noel is trying to say, but he is not right. They don’t give a F about politics. They sing about themselves, but in America we can’t be positive. The Brits are uplifting and positive — Ian Brown, Gallaghers, Ashcroft, but they don’t rock as hard. They groove, but they don’t rock. Homme is brilliant. I’m totally in awe of his work but he can be negative (and um, you know, satanic?) — though also playful and funny but in a darker way — and obviously has some issues to work out. I hope he does. Homme is the greatest living rocker today, period. You can’t blame Noel for being a little jealous, maybe.

  • Ian Darkly

    Oasis might be the best band in the world right now and I don’t even listen to them these days! I think we should!