Maynard James Keenan ‘Refuses’ To Play Tool Song


A Tool fan is claiming that Danny Carey told him that Maynard James Keenan is not yet prepared to play “7empest” off of Fear Inoculum. A Tool concert ejection threat was recently caught on camera.

Jackstraw335 posted on Reddit, “My buddy met Danny backstage in Tulsa. And asked him when they were going to play 7empest. He said him, Adam and Justin are ready but Maynard isn’t just yet. Then in the most Danny fashion possible said ‘We’ll hopefully play it on the next leg.’ Just thought I’d share since I know a lot of you are wondering if they’re going to.” He added, “I say in the most Danny fashion possible because 4 years ago he said the album would be out soon 😂.”

Hush_1984 posted a Tool Boston VIP experience on Reddit, “After everyone checked in, we pretty much went into one of the lobby areas and waited again for the rest of the group to finish check in. Once everyone was checked in, a merch booth that was setting up nearby opened up just for us. The line was still maintained at this point, so I was 12th in line for merch. They had 2 large bass heads ($1500), 5-6 smaller drum heads ($500), 2 Guitar World magazines signed by Adam ($750) as well as all the other standard merch (only un-signed posters).”

Tool recently confirmed a Fear Inoculum sequel. The Reddit user added, “After I got my merch, we again waited for everyone else to do the same. Then Juan brought us upstairs where we lined up in the concourse and could hear Maynard soundchecking. They did almost the entirety of Descending with Maynard before we were let in. Then suddenly Juan got a call on his walkie and gave us all the go ahead to walk down. We got to enter the arena and walk down to the floor as the boys (minus Maynard) were playing the last 3-4 minutes of Descending, it was fucking epic. They finished that, then Adam played part of the end solo from Descending again on his own. They then played fear inoculum all the way through and after that Adam messed around with his talkbox thing for like a minute maybe.

After they finished playing, Juan got up on stage to take the photo and the boys came down to the rail. I was lucky enough to be right on the rail where ended up. He was super humble, said “thanks for doing this” to us. We were all like no THANK YOU! They took 3 pictures of the group, Adam turned back around and said thank you some more, then handed out 5-6 picks. I got a fist bump from him. It was great.” A Tool member revealed a new album disappointment recently.